Product Details
225 x 225 mm. box size (Standard Series)
High Quality Raw Materials
450 cm. Rewind Capacity (mini lamella 37 mm)
260 cm. Rewind Capacity (maxi lamella 55 mm)
The same box of Mini and Maxi lamel Solution
Climate conditions resistance
Different User option modules
Time and Motor Control
Rain Sensor and Motor
Light Sensor and Motor
Full Automation
Manual Control
Possible to use a different profile of side
Aluminum, wood, and full compatibility with upvc window and door systems
External impacts resistance against
Box may be applied in isolation and sound insulation through
Aesthetic and Building with Full Compliance
Rich Color Options
Lamination Plates
Easy Assembly, Easy Care and Easy Clean
Specific design allows full ventilation without completely opening.
Economical solution to worn flapper
Delivered Guarantee
Replaceable Cassette System
10 (ten) year warranty not to yellow